Cranberry Sarab

Cranberry Sarab Evan

The properties of Cranberry are not limited to its edible properties. Cranberry are a collection of medicinal properties and nutrients. This fruit is an astringent that causes contraction of muscles or body tissues in case of excessive bleeding, and also has antipyretic properties that help reduce the effect of fever and bring the body temperature to normal. The skin and fruit are also nutritious and help restore lost nutrients to the body. The astringent properties of the fruit act as a good remedy for intestinal upset and fever, and at the same time it is used in the treatment of cholera.

Cranberry flowers are used to treat diarrhea. Cranberry can be consumed in case of various illnesses and diseases such as back and knee pain, dizziness, tinnitus, spermatorrhea, frequent urination, chills and fever due to liver failure, continuous sweating due to illness, heart palpitations, scattered pulse, etc.

Sarab in the term refers to fruit juice obtained by processing dry or fresh fruits in water. Evan Cranberry Sarab is one of the most popular delicacies in all seasons of the year.

Top features Cranbery Sarab Evan :

  • Being pasteurized
  • Product production without the use of industrial paint
  • Product production without the use of essential oils
  • Product production without using juice emulsions
  • Without preservatives and fruit, in some products, only the fruit itself will be used along with water, sugar and salt.

Ingredients:Cranberry, water, salt

Sour, fragrant and delicious, with pieces of the fruit itself

سراب ذغال اخته (VIP) اوان

Cranberry Sarab (VIP)

Volume: 1 liter

Number in Shiring: 4

Material: glass

سراب زغال اخته

Cranberry Sarab

Volume: 250 cc

Number in Shiring: 15

Material: Polyethylene